Staff training on proposal writing

In line with JMP–L’s strategic goal of focusing on professional development, two JMP–L staff members attended a three-day training on “Project Proposal Writing” on November 16, 17 and 20, 2009. This training was part of the NGO Fall School Program organized by the NGO Resource and Support Unit, a joint program of the Ministry of Social Affairs and UNDP, aiming at capacity building for poverty reduction.

Lena Nazigian, JMP–L’s financial manager, and Taline Ladoyan, the Community Development Program team leader, acquired helpful tips for project proposal writing. The training also helped them meet representatives from other NGOs and donors, and build networks with them.

Representatives from the World Bank and World Vision came to share their experiences as donors, and explained what they expect to have in the proposals they receive and what their priority areas are.

The World Bank representative provided participants with a booklet on World Bank, the kind of projects it is working on, and funding opportunities in the coming two years. The booklet also outlined how the proposals should be written, including tips for civil society organizations regarding project development, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation, reporting to funding agencies, and resource mobilization.

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