Projects and activities in 2015

JMP–L organized or participated in the following major events and projects during 2015:

  • Thanks to the continued partnership with the Happy Childhood Foundation (previously known as Philippe Hatem Foundation for a Happy Childhood), JMP–L assisted 64 children (aged 2 to 18) from 43 vulnerable families to meet some of their basic needs (food, clothing, school books, uniform, and sometimes rent). The Foundation also gave funding for home appliances and recreation. It also provided a special grant to help 30 children from 21 families make their school payments in order to keep them in school. On 4 January 2015, the Foundation and the JMP–L social worker organized a trip to the circus, with the participation of around 40 children, teens, and accompanying adults.
  1. “Internet and modern technology” by computer scientist Mr. Shant Demirjian.
  2. “Family relations between mother and child, husband and wife” by psychologist Mrs. Rozine Moughalian.
  3. “Kidney stones” by general physician Dr. Garo Mahserejian.
  4. “Asthma and ENT diseases” by Dr. Raffi Jilhagopian.
  5. “Spiritual reflection about the values of a Christian family” by Bible teacher and leader of women’s and youth groups Mrs. Esther Kilaghbian.
  6. “Dental hygiene and mouth diseases” by Dr. Hovig Ashkarian.
  7. “Brief history of the Armenian Genocide,” on the occasion of its centennial, by political editor of Aztag Daily Mr. Vahram Emiyan.
  8. “Diabetes and dyslipidemia” by Dr. Elie Tashdjian.

Besides the educational sessions, the women’s group went on a trip to the museum in the Armenian Catholicossate in Antelias, followed by lunch at a restaurant, on 2 June 2015.

  • On the occasion of Easter, on 9 April 2015, two JMP–L social workers and two other staff members, accompanied by Rev. Soghomon Kilaghbian from the Armenian Evangelical Church, visited the Armenian inmates suffering from mental disorders, in Fanar hospital. They were joined by parents of some of the patients.
  • In the 2014–15 academic year, 16 girls participated in the Teenage Girls’ Self-Development Program. They attended vocational training courses at Mesrobian Technical College, which gives 50 percent tuition discount to JMP–L beneficiaries. During the year, 14 sessions of group work and activities were organized for the teenage girls. This year’s discussion topics included personal identity, truthfulness, Valentine’s Day and love, the “Good News” of our Lord, etc. Some of the sessions were presented by the responsible social worker, while others by group members after doing some research. As part of the program, the annual outing of the teenage girls and their mothers took place on 25 July 2015, with the participation of 12 teens and 10 mothers. This year, the day trip included a trip to the Cedars, pilgrimage to St. Charbel Church, St. Elisha Monastery in Qannoubine Valley, discussions, snacks and lunch.
  • The elderly who receive various forms of assistance by JMP–L celebrated Grandparents’ Day with an outing on 20 June 2015. The event was organized by the NGO Kibarouna at the Palace of Conferences, under the
    patronage of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Elder’s Care and Protection.elderly trip to Birds' Nest-Sep2015
  • On 22 September 2015, 24 elderly and two JMP–L social workers visited the newly erected Armenian Genocide Museum at the Birds’ Nest Orphanage in Byblos. The supervising priest, Father Bsag Tupperjian, gave them a brief explanation. They then had lunch in a restaurant in Batroun.
  • The annual children’s Christmas and New Year party organized by the ComDev christmas gathering 2015Women’s Committee of the JMP–L Community Development Program was held on 26 December 2015 in the courtyard of the St. Sarkis Church.
    The event attracted 200 children, who were entertained by the “Ourakh Daretarts” (“Happy Birthday”) Group. For more information about the event (in Armenian), read the article published in Aztag Daily.