Projects and activities in 2014

JMP–L organized or participated in the following major events and projects during 2014:

  • A great achievement was the
    Kurkjian wing opening
    Opening of the JMP–L Center’s Kurkjian Wing

    reconstruction and renovation of the Kurkjian Wing adjacent to the JMP–L Center. It was made possible with Mr. and Mrs. Hovig and Maral Kurkjian’s generous donation. The Wing’s opening took place on October 25, 2014 in the presence of the donors, Armenian community leaders, and JMP–L friends. The Wing will mainly be used for the Teenage Girls’ Self-Development Program, as well as elderly gatherings, and other meetings. For more information about the event (in Armenian), read the article published in Aztag Daily.

  • Thanks to the funding received from a new partner, the Philippe Hatem Foundation for A Happy Childhood, happy childhood-back to school party-Sep2014JMP–L assisted 65 children (ages ranging from 2 to 16) from 38 vulnerable families to meet their basic needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter. The objective of the Foundation is to give children opportunities to have a happier childhood “now.” In October 2014, the Foundation also helped cover the school fees and related expenses of 10 children who had been left out of school for financial reasons. In September 2014, some of the children gathered for a birthday and “Back to School” party, where they enjoyed a balloonist’s creations, face-painting, games, food, and entertainment by four volunteers from the Armenian Evangelical Social Center. Funding from the Foundation also helped JMP–L to provide assistance for the participation of 12 children to the summer camp organized by the Armenian Evangelical Christian Endeavor Union.chocolate making training-2014
  • The chocolate-making training for young mothers with young children was successfully completed. This project was organized by the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs, the Municipality of Bourj Hammoud, and Office Du Developpement Social for the duration of the 2013–14 academic year. Its objective was to empower young mothers and enable them to work and subsidize their family income.
  • Throughout 2014, JMP–L continued participating in the regular meetings of representatives of Armenian NGOs in order to provide coordinated assistance to Syrian-Armenian refugees. These information sharing and coordination meetings mainly involved the refugee crisis in the town of Kessab (the mostly Armenian-populated town in northwestern Syria, near the border with Turkey), the donation of school books to Syrian refugees, and the distribution of food and hygiene packages. Also, during 2014, JMP–L assisted 275 Syrian-Armenian refugees, by providing medications for chronic illnesses, securing discounts and offering partial financial assistance for hospitalization and/or minor medical expenses (such as diagnostic tests), and networking with other NGOs on their behalf. In addition, financial assistance was distributed to 310 refugees from Kessab, enabled by fundraising activities done in Armenia.
  1. “Medication’s usage, compliance and side-effect” by pharmacist Mrs. Nanor Tashdjian.
  2. “Nutritive food and kitchen’s secrets” by nutritionist Mrs. Ani Deirmenjian-Jertidian.
  3. “Menopause, uterine fibroses and ovarian cysts” by gynecologist Dr. Vicken Nenejian.
  4. “Metabolic syndrome” by Dr. Elie Tashdjian (family medicine).
  5. “Gastrointestinal diseases” by specialist Dr. Gostan Yapoudjian.
  6. “Breastfeeding” by Word Vision trainees and trainer.
  7. “Sects and Christian living principles” by Father Der-Mgrditch.
  8. “Armenian traditions” by Mrs. Houry Ghazarian.
  9. “Physiotherapy in home conditions” by physiotherapist Dr. Razmig Boejekian.
  10. “Depression and anxiety” by psychiatrist Dr. Maguy Kebabjian.
  • In the 2013–14 academic year, 16 girls participated in the Teenage Girls’ Self-Development Program. They attended vocational training courses at Mesrobian Technical College, which gives 50 percent tuition discount to JMP–L beneficiaries. During the year, around 30 sessions of group work and activities were organized for the teenage girls. Specifically, the activities included spiritual uplift, preparation of and eating a light meal, watching and then discussing video clips or short movies, etc. Discussion topics included nutrition, resolving relational tensions and problems, building trust and friendships, love, women’s rights and abuse, etc. Some of the sessions were presented by the responsible social worker, some by group members after doing some research, and others by invited speakers. As part of the program, a day trip to the North (Mezyara and Lake Benesha’a) was organized on 26 July 2014. It was attended by teenagers and their mothers.
  • On 2 January 2014, two JMP–L social workers, accompanied by Father Sarkis Sarkissian from the Armenian Prelacy, visited the Armenian inmates suffering from mental disorders in Fanar hospital. They were also joined by parents of some of the patients. The inmates gathered in a hall and talked with the visitors. Father Sarkissian spoke about the meaning of Christmas. Later, they sang Armenian songs and prayed. Christmas gifts, donated by the Municipality of Bourj Hammoud, were distributed to the inmates.
Students entertaining the elderly during the Christmas party.
Students entertaining the elderly during the Christmas party.
  • JMP–L networked once again with the Coordinating Committee of Armenian Social Welfare Organizations in order to organize the annual Christmas gathering for the elderly who receive assistance from the organizations that are a part of the Coordinating Committee. The event was held on 17 January 2014, under the patronage of the leaders of the three Armenian Churches.
  • On the occasion of Ascension Day, the Women’s Committee of the JMP–L Community Development Program organized a pilgrimage to Mount Harissa and to the Armenian Monastery in Bzommar. The participating women and their friends then had lunch at a restaurant in the mountains and also raised funds for their ongoing activities.
  • A group of elderly, along with a JMP–L social worker and a volunteer nurse, had a trip to the Armenian Monastery in Bikfaya on 26 September 2014. They later had lunch at a restaurant in a mountainous village.
  • On the occasion of Christmas and New Year, ComDev christmas gathering 2014the Women’s Committee of the
    JMP–L Community Development
    organized a gathering for children on 26 December 2014 in the hall of the St. Sarkis Church. The event was attended by 200 children (each with a parent), mostly from the Bourj Hammoud municipal residential Gifts, entertainment, cookies and refreshment were offered thanks to donations from the Municipality of Bourj Hammoud, local businesses, individual donors, and the entry tickets at a nominal fee. For more information about the event (in Armenian), read the article published in Aztag Daily.