During the various meetings the JMP–L team held with residents as part of the Community Development Pilot Project, the residents considered the security and cleanliness of their quarters as a priority.

Hence, the first project carried out by the Core Committee in 2005 was the sealing and walling of passages between municipal residential buildings to solve and prevent security problems. In the same year, when the Municipality of Bourj Hammoud executed the project of painting the buildings, JMP–L’s involvement in the area enhanced the painting of the buildings and the installation of iron entrance gates.

These initiatives have helped increase the security and improve the general appearance of the neighborhood.

The Core Committee has also worked on improving the administration of the area. It has helped the residents of municipal residential buildings to elect their own Building Committees to manage and solve different issues related to the maintenance, cleanliness, safety, and repair works of their buildings and neighborhoods.

For more than 30 years, residents had not succeeded in having such committees. Through a participatory, democratic and developmental approach, the building committees have been formed, empowered and maintained.

Starting on March 13, 2006, the Core Committee, in collaboration with the Building Committees, put up bulletin boards at the entrances of the municipal residential buildings to draw the attention of residents to announcements, issues, etc.

During two months as of April 4, 2007, handrails were placed on both sides of entrance stairs to help the elderly climb easily.

All these activities have encouraged residents to cooperate in improving their communal living conditions. They have helped in sustaining the residents’ sense of belonging to their community/neighborhood and their commitment to improving the neighborhood through the Core Committee and sub-committees.

JMP–L hopes that this experience will have a ripple effect on neighboring communities in the future.

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