New Year and Christmas party for the elderly

With the active participation of JMP–L, the Coordinating Committee of Armenian Social Welfare Organizations gathered the elderly people who receive care from the organizations under its auspices for a New Year and Christmas party, on January 12, 2010, in the Armenian Catholic Union hall.image001

The gathering, which has become an annual tradition, was held under the patronage of the heads of the three Armenian Churches, who also joined the elderly and had lunch with them. The mayor of Bourj Hammoud, Antranik Meserlian, was also in attendance.

The opening speech was made by Maral Harboyan, who emphasized the valuable role of the Armenian elderly in the community, noting that Armenian welfare organizations work hard to extend a helping hand to those people.image002

Next, the program included entertainment with the participation of students from the Levon and Sofia Hagopian College, Tarouhi Hovagimian School, Armenian Evangelical Torossian School, and Hrispsimiants School. The students entertained the attendees with their songs, poetry readings, and dance performances. Artists Seto and Shake Baghdasarians and drummers Georgic Delalian and Setrag Sarkissian also participated in the program, offering joyful moments to the elderly who sang and cheered with the artists.

Short speeches were made by the three heads of the Armenian Churches. They all stressed the importance and value of aged people for humanity in general image004and the Armenian community in specific. They said that it is important to pay continuous attention to these people, and offer them our care and love, as they have had an essential input in the lives of their families and communities. They wished them health and happiness.

Next, a cake (donated by AGBU) was cut to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the New Year–Christmas celebration events.

Then, all of the participants had lunch, danced and sang. Santa Claus was also present to distribute gifts to the elderly. The gifts were provided by the Municipality of Bourj Hammoud and, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary celebration, joint gifts from the three Armenian Churches in Lebanon were distributed.image005