Lecture on the use of medicines

Organized by the Committee of the Jinishian Community Development Program, a lecture was held on the use of medicines, on 16 May 2013, at the Armenian Evangelical Social Center School in Trad.group-of-colorful-pills

Pharmacist Nanor Tashjian gave a presentation about the types of medicines and their uses. She stressed the importance of consulting a doctor and obtaining a prescription before using any drugs. She added that complications and side effects often result from the improper use of medications. She recommended that patients should maintain a close and permanent contact with their physician in order to better diagnose the disease and use drugs accordingly, while simultaneously changing their lifestyles and following special diets, if necessary. Tashjian also spoke about the advantages of new kinds of medicines, and the incorrect use of antibiotics. She expressed her strong disapproval of the bad habit many people have of sharing medications — every patient is unique, and the right treatment method and use of drugs can only be determined by the doctor, she explained.

Toward the end of the presentation, Tashjian talked about the methods of preserving drugs, the way of taking drugs, as well as the necessary steps to take in case of overdose. The event ended with a Q&A session.