JMP–L’s end-of-year activities and celebrations

In 2016, JMP–L celebrated its 50th anniversary. Gifts by individual donors have greatly contributed to its successful journey in Lebanon throughout these years. One such donation was recently made by Mrs. Lucy Janjigian from the United States. Recognizing the diverse needs of community members served by JMP–L, Mrs. Janjigian made a donation, which was used for the implementation of various activities toward the end of 2016, thus spreading joy to more than 96 individuals, as well as their families and friends, on the occasion of Christmas and New Year.


New Year and Christmas celebration for women suffering from cancer

A celebratory meeting was organized on December 13, 2016, at JMP–L’s “Kurkjian” hall, with the participation of 15 women who suffer from cancer and battle the disease with the help of financial assistance that JMP–L provides for the coverage of their medical expenses.

The meeting’s welcome speech was delivered by JMP–L social worker Mrs. Ani Aznavourian, who provided an overview of JMP–L’s 50-year work and stressed that JMP–L is ready to assist those suffering from medical conditions, including cancer. Mrs. Aznavourian also conveyed her heartfelt wishes on the occasion of Christmas and New Year.

Next, Mrs. Angel Melkonian, a nurse, provided useful information about the foods and lifestyles that lead to the development of cancer. She specifically warned attendees about the dangers of the extreme use of salt, sugar and fats, while stressing the importance of physical activity. She also spoke about early diagnosis and treatment methods, and she communicated her message of hope to the attendees, noting the importance of praying and spiritual activities as ways to face the disease.

Toward the end of the event, Ms. Garineh Antranigian presented Christmas and New Year songs. A cake-cutting ceremony followed, along with the distribution of gifts and a sum of money, provided by the donor.


Christmas and New Year event for people with physical and mental challenges

On December 20, 2016, a Christmas and New Year celebratory event took place at “Ararad Palace” with the participation of 36 people with physical and mental challenges.

Bourj Hammoud Municipality policemen assisted with the organization of the event. Together with JMP–L social workers, they visited the homes of the needy individuals to help them ride the special buses provided for their transportation.

Social worker Mrs. Sevan Ishkhan welcomed the event participants and thanked the JMP–L donor for helping spread smiles to people in need. She invited Father Ghevont Loshkhadjian to address the participants. Father Ghevont said that Jesus Christ illuminated our lives and his birth brought happiness and peace to the world.

The event’s artistic program included a performance of renowned Armenian songs by singer Ararad Aharonian, accompanied by Mr. Shant Dishchekenian (keyboards) — both of whom participated voluntarily. The joyful event ended with the distribution of gifts by Santa Claus.

Distribution of blood pressure meters

A special event was organized on December 21, 2016 at JMP–L’s “Kurkjian” hall in order to distribute digital blood pressure monitors to 30 individuals facing socioeconomic difficulties who suffer from high blood pressure.

Before the distribution of gifts, Dr. Elie Tashjian gave a lecture, using a PowerPoint presentation. He briefly listed the causes of high blood pressure, as well as the ways to recognize its early signs, methods to treat it, and steps to follow in case of emergencies.

Each blood pressure monitor recipient also received instructions about its usage. The event closed with the reading of a spiritual text by Ms. Nanor Tashjian, the coordinator of JMP–L’s Community Health Development – Medication Dispensing Service.

Assistance to needy families

JMP–L selected 15 families with financial and social difficulties in order to provide them with financial assistance on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. These families shared a lunch and celebrated together the birth of Jesus Christ, thus enjoying the warmth of a family gathering that is so essential especially during holidays.

The families expressed their gratitude to JMP–L, the donor, and social worker Mrs. Lucie Khatchadourian, who follows up closely on their cases and provides the necessary guidance and advice to help them overcome their difficulties.