JMP–L team sets up Christmas manger scene in Bourj Hammoud

It has become an annual tradition for JMP–L’s Community Development Committee to set up an outdoor nativity manger scene under the Bourj Hammoud bridge, near the Municipal Stadium. For the fourth consecutive year, the area near the Bourj Hammoud Municipality buildings, where most JMP–L community development projects take place, was decorated on the occasion of Christmas.

The preparation and set-up of the Christmas manger scene took place on Saturday, December 3, 2011, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The nativity manger scene set up under the Bourj Hammoud bridge.
The nativity manger scene set up under the Bourj Hammoud bridge.

Last year, the nativity manger scene was prepared with the participation of students from local Armenian schools — students from the Special Classes of the Center of Armenian Handicapped in Lebanon (CAHL), the Aksor Kassardjian Armenian National School, as well as children from the Armenian Evangelical Social Services Center. This year too, in order for the preparations to be done through collective efforts, Saint-Mesrob and Saint-Vincent de Paul scouts took part in the activity. The latter made handicrafts and set up the nativity manger scene, while the former completed the decorations by installing a wooden fence around the scene (the wooden sticks were offered by the company Sharbos).

This year’s Christmas manger scene was unique in both its appearance and presentation. It was more eye-catching and attractive, and it was prepared thanks to the joint efforts of the community, spreading a joyful Christmas spirit among the young and older inhabitants and visitors of the area.

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