Jinishian team visits “Fanar” Psychiatric Hospital in Zahrani

It has become a tradition for the JMP team to visit patients who are in need of institutional care during holidays. On 22 March 2013, two social workers from Jinishian paid a visit to the “Fanar” Psychiatric Hospital in the Zahrani area, where some Armenian patients suffering from mental disorders have been taken care of for the past several years.

The visiting team also included Father Garabed Tateossian from the Armenian Catholic Patriarchate as well as some parents.

The patients gathered in a hall and were offered traditional Easter treats and sweats (colorful eggs, tcheoreg [sweet bread], chocolate, etc.). They also received some gifts. Through a prayer, Father Tateossian conveyed the spirit of Holy Resurrection to the attendees.

The parents expressed their gratitude to Jinishian for offering them an opportunity to visit their children. The patients, many of whom are often abandoned even by their own families, cherished the attention and care they received from the event organizers and participants.