Extending a helping hand to a mother

JMP–L helped them to take a loan from a micro-credit organization, where JMP–L has its active participation, in order to pay off their debts. Arrangements were made for the mother to clean the houses of some of the beneficiaries in the Domestic Services to the Elderly Program of JMP–L, and she was paid for that.

In the summer, when the schools were closed, the mother brought her daughter to the JMP–L Summer Playground of the “Children’s Activities” Program,which was organized for children of working mothers. So, she was able to continue her work and help her family get out of its financial problems.

When the Domestic Services to the Elderly Program was discontinued for financial constraints, JMP–L found another permanent job for her in one of the Armenian schools as a cleaning lady, and her third baby boy was placed in the “Children’s Activities” Center so she had the chance to earn her own living instead of taking family allowance. She had secured a permanent full-time job.

Now her husband’s health is better and he is also working. The family overcame its problems and the mother’s job gave financial stability and independence to the family. The mother is empowered, shares the responsibilities of her family with her husband, and their life is improved.

Important note: In some of the stories, the names of beneficiaries have not been used or have been changed for the sake of privacy orconfidentiality.