Empowerment, spiritual uplift abound at teenage girls’ self-development program

These are some success stories from the Teenage Girls’ Self-Development Program, which has been going on since 2005.

The program has helped the participants — teenage daughters of JMP–L beneficiaries with various socio-economic problems — to understand, care about, and base their actions on some core ethical values. It has also enabled them to have more harmonious relationships with God and others (kin and friends), and think and behave in more successful and fruitful ways.success3

Instead of staying idle at home, Vera decided to work while continuing her studies in accounting. At the same time, she tried to assist her parents — by giving away her entire income — to help them overcome their critical financial problems, since her parents failed to pay the rent. The family faced many other challenges including not having legal identity documents and being in deep debts. Despite the hardships, Vera received her accounting certificate. The family was also able to get IDs.

Another girl, Sara, was emotionally hurt, lacked her parents’ understanding and forgiveness, and was almost alienated from God and her parents. She was also financially in need. During a spiritual movie debate, Sara learned and understood that Jesus is all she needed, and that “we can do everything through Him who gives us strength.” After one of the sessions, in a private moment, she prayed a sinner’s prayer, accepting Jesus as her Savior.

Sara’s mother and brother are now in a more understanding relationship with her, accepting her despite her faults, and forgiving each others’ mistakes.

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Important note: In some of the stories, the names of beneficiaries have not been used or have been changed for the sake of privacy orconfidentiality