Empowering women to have healthier, more productive lives

The eight-month pilot project of the Developmental Health Program for Women in 2006 gave the opportunity to 13 hypertensive women to participate in educational, recreational and empowering activities, through a holistic, democratic and participatory approach. These women had been also receiving medications with JMP–L’s assistance for many years.succ5

One of the participating women became very enthusiastic with the given guidance and learned skills. By the end of the program, she lost 10 kg — an achievement she was very happy and proud of.

Another participant, who used antidepressants for a long time, received support from the group activities and eventually found a part-time sales job. Due to the collective encouragement she received throughout the program, she became a more active, motivated individual, which enabled her to lead a more productive life.

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Important note: In some of the stories, the names of beneficiaries have not been used or have been changed for the sake of privacy orconfidentiality