Elderly celebrate Christmas and New Year

The Christmas and New Year celebration for elderly people was held on the JMP–L premises, on December 17, 2010, with the coordination of the Municipality of Bourj Hammoud, which provided gifts, lunch and cake to the elderly.

A special program was prepared on this occasion. Father Arsen Kassabian talked to the elderly about the birth of Jesus Christ giving people hope and joy.news-elderly-christmas-celebration2010

Then, Mr. Avo Arslanian sang Armenian national songs. He was accompanied by Mr. George Ibrahim who played the drums. Some of the elderly participants sang, recited poems, and shared anecdotes. The celebration ended with the arrival of Santa Claus who gave presents to all.

Mr. Antranig Messerlian, the mayor of the Municipality of Bourj Hammoud, visited the elderly and wished them Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

As usual, volunteer women from JMP–L’s Medication Dispensing Service helped the elderly and served the meal.

On the same day, similar celebrations were also held in other social centers of Bourj Hammoud.