Daily Star article on Lebanese dispensaries praises Jinishian’s well-organized dispensary services

On 19 March 2013, an article published in The Daily Star addressed the rules governing and conditions existing in various dispensaries across Lebanon, which are often characterized by irregularities and violations of the relevant heath care laws. The article was titled “Chaos, Corruption Reign at Most Dispensaries.”news-jinishian-dispensary-daily-star-article

Written by Samya Kullab, the article praised “the immaculate records of dispensary services at Jinishian, part of the Karagheusian Foundation,” and lamented the fact that they “are not the norm” among other dispensaries. More particularly, the author described how well-organized the Jinishian dispensary is:

“It is following carefully prescribed rules pertaining to the storage of pharmaceuticals products … Shelves upon shelves in the center’s storeroom display vigilantly stacked boxes of medications, most of them donated, to treat hypertension, gastro-ulcers, asthma, arthritis and glaucoma, among other illnesses. An online database keeps meticulous record of each patient, each prescription and each tablet of medication allotted.”