Children learn basketball as part of a Danish organization’s project

Rita Kevorkian teaches basketball moves to children.
Rita Kevorkian teaches basketball moves to children.

From March till June 2008, 40 children aged 8–15 from the Community Development Program area had the opportunity to participate in basketball practices once a week, in the Bourj Hammoud basketball court (made available to JMP–L by the Municipality of Bourj Hammoud).

In addition, three persons were trained as basketball coaches.

The activity was realized through JMP–L’s partnership with Gam3 (pronounced “game”), a Danish urban sports organization, and Miss Rita Kevorkian as volunteer (previously JMP–L Community Development leader).

Several organizations and local schools participated as well to this project, which helped participants from different social and religious backgrounds to interact and practice together.

The aim of the project was to empower youth and instil in them the values of mutual respect, trust, tolerance and peaceful coexistence, based on which a democratic and stable civic society can be formed.

The children and teenagers participated with great interest. The parents showed gratitude for JMP–L’s participation in this project, which encouraged their children to be involved in sports and develop a healthy lifestyle.image062