Member  Position
Pauline Sagherian Director


Member  Position
Lena Nazigian Accountant, Financial Manager
Zepure Sdepanian Cashier

Social Services

Member  Position
Lucie Khachadourian Social Worker: Housing, Families with Multiple Problems, and Development
Anie Aznavourian Social Worker: Hospitalization, Minor Medical Service, Institutional Care, and Development
Sevan Ishkhan Social Worker: Assistance to the Elderly and to Families With a Member With Special (Mental/Physical) Needs, Employment Services, and Development

 Community Health Development (CHD) – Medication Dispensing Service

Member  Position
Nanor Tashjian Coordinator, Health Consultant (Pharmacist)
Razmig Parmaksezian Health Consultant (Pharmacist)
Simoneh Khachadourian Stock Keeper and Computer  Control, Checking of Dispensed Medication
Hamesdouhie Keshishian Medication Dispensing (part-time)
Dr. Ara Boladian General Medicine – Dispensary Doctor
Ms. Lucie Zomjian  Dispensary Nurse (part-time)
Ms. Talar Khatchadourian Dispensary Nurse (part-time)

Support Services

Member  Position
Maral Zadirian Telephone Operator, Receptionist


Member  Position
Sarkis Varjabedian Caretaker, Driver
Rita Vartanian Kitchen Support and Cleaning

Legal services were given by Me. Laura Kattan for matters related to the Housing Project, and by HBD-T Law Firm for matters related to the JMP Association.

The JMP–L External Auditor is Mr. Hagop Aprahamian.