A story from the 1972 records of JMP Beirut

A family living in Bourj Hammoud faced economic disaster. Their landlord was arranging for their eviction from a one-room apartment. The illiterate father’s income was less than half of that needed to feed, clothe and house his growing family. The mother had potentially marketable skills as a seamstress but could not leave her preschool children alone. There were no relatives to turn to for help. The parents, while being at work, feared the dangers faced by their children who were left in the streets.

A neighbor suggested they appeal to family services at JMP–L. There, a trained social worker reviewed their situation, assisted the parents in enrolling their preschool children in the “Children’s Activities” Program, and guided both parents to the Employment Office, through which the mother quickly found work and the father discovered opportunities for vocational training to increase his earning power. An emergency loan was granted to pay the back rent. The family was saved.

Source: Serving the Least of These, a book published in 2001 on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of JMP’s founding.

Important note: In some of the stories, the names of beneficiaries have not been used or have been changed for the sake of privacy orconfidentiality